Psychic Readings in Rock Hill, SC

Crystal Ball Reading

I can read your energy using a crystal ball and tell you how to change it from negative to positive.

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Tarot Card Reading

Your life is filled with many different worries. Allow me to give you the right advice given what tomorrow holds.

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Spiritual Cleaning

If you feel blocked, allow me to cleanse your aura and unlock your true potential!

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About Psychic Nancy

Psychic Nancy is a 4th generation psychic with 40 years of experience. Serving Rock Hill, SC and the surrounding areas, I have been providing a number of services that include psychic readings, palm reading, tarot card reading, chakra balancing, spiritual healing, and life coaching.

I possess the psychic ability to see the past, present and future. My spiritual gifts have been bestowed upon me from a higher power. It has become my true calling to help those in need of spiritual guidance. I have coached my clients towards the path they were destined to take. If you are looking for answers concerning your future, I can help you!

My psychic readings are detailed and focused on your life’s journey. I have helped many clients over the years with my psychic aromatherapy, aura cleaning, and past life regression readings. I provide direction and put clients on the most fulfilling path. I provide options you never dreamed of and never considered. To learn more, contact me today!